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  1. Mr R Graham
    Having passed my AQA level exams in 6 different areas of counselling in 1999 I am aslo Diploma level trained in Hypnotherapy which further allows me to help others in all areas.
  2. Angela Harris
    Angela is a Diploma Certificate holder in both Hypnotherapy and Gastric mind band I am enjoying helping others achieve their goals in every way
Welcome to H and G Hypnotherapy.

We offer a complete range of hypnotic services directly to our clients and offer fully diploma level trained Hypnotherapists

We are always happy to help and are waiting for your call.

If at any time you wish to speak to one of us please do not hesitate to call.

We are waiting to help you now.

We aim to exceed your goals and expectations and offer a full range of services to you.
We have worked with a wide range of people in our time and are very successful in what we do and want to do the same for you now!
As leaders in our field we offer a full range of services such as;
- Fully Diploma level trained Hypnotherapists
-AQA Higher level trained counsellors since 1999
-Over 17 years expertise
- Life trained and seasoned approach
- Ongoing support where needed
-Mature and understanding 
- Male and Female practitioners

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  2. Countless
  3. 100's
    Of Happy Clients