Who are we?

Welcome to our team​
We are a team of 2 fully qualified to Diploma level Hypnotherapists who operate from the Portsmouth area.
We are 2 very passionate people about what we do and the way that we help others.
Apart from being fully quilified we are also able to offer other services by way of being fully quilified to National Higher levels of Counselling with over 23 years of expertise since 1999 which covers over 7 different areas of conselling practises.
We are here not only to fully treat and cure but also for full support of all our clients and offer free advise to each and every person that contacts us.
We promise to only practise as withing our boundaries and will never advise where in an area that we do not cover.
All of our treatments are fully quilified methods and where required are or National qualified in nature.
We will never sell a service that we are unsure of the outcomes of or un -required treatments.
We are H & G Hypnotherapy and we are here to help you.
Please feel free to contact us for an inpersonal chat or home consultation where you will find that we take a freindly and personal approuch to each and every case, we aim to help each and every person and client in a 100% reliable and competant manner.

D Graham
Qualified Hypnotherapist
AQA Higher levels Counselling

As qualified from Aberdeen College of further education in 1999 Darren has worked in the community and corporate sector  using his counselling and gained life skills ever since.
Darren also quilified as a Hypnotherapist and is trained to Diploma level in both therarpy and Mind band techniques, holding not 1 but 3 Levels of certificates.
These gained qualified skills set us apart from other practices and allows us to treat and motivate a wider audience from all walks of life.
He is very passionate about the work that he does and because of these factors all coming together has a very high success rate.
Evaluation of each and every case is un-surpassed and rivaled by non and any services carried out are always assured to be the highest in each and every case weather to the individual or corporate client.

I set out on this path as I wanted to help others, I have a personal knowlage of why counselling may at times for whtever reason be required and after some time having the dream to be able to help others became a reality for me after studying and paasing both my normal and higher grades in the field, since then  both my quilifications and self expertise along with many years of helping others has allowed me to become very knowlagable in this feild of which I very much enjoy.
I always take a proffesional approuch on each and every specific case but convey myself in a freindly and relaxed manner and really do enjoy helping  others, my Hypnosis training has dramticly helped me in helping others ans it is the possibly the strongest and quickest method for response.