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Have you tried before?
Have you given up only to start again shortly after?
Are you fed up with the rising cost of cigarettes?
Do you REALLY want to quit?

We are pleased to be able to offer the most comprehensive stop smoking program available in the UK today. The treatment lasts for as long as the client requires it. The first session is designed to help you break the cycle of being a smoker and the last session is designed to ensure you won't go back to being one ever again!

We do not say it's going to be easy but we do give you all the tools that you require along with the support and encouragement that you need in order for you to finally become a healthier cleaner living person; a non-smoker.

The method that we use has been proven to help people  permanently give up smoking.   This has not only benefited their health but has saved them a fortune on cigarette products and with some brands hitting £9 a packet of 20 it does not take long for that saving to be noted in your pocket.  Take an average smoker who smokes 20 a day.  Over the period of one year this would cost them £3,276!  How long have you been smoking for ?

Figures released at the time of writting by the NHS suggests that £2 billion a year is spent on treating smoking related illnesses in the UK alone.

A guide to our stop smoking treatment
According to government statistics 27% of people that set a date to quit smoking fail at this even with the help of the NHS stop smoking service and 53% of pregnant women fail to kick the habit altogether.  Shocking to say the least.
Why  do they fail I hear you ask ?
The only reason is because they did not have the correct mind set.  Their brain's way of thinking was, if you like, corrupt towards its own body.  We all know that smoking is bad for us and we all avoid fumes from different objects yet our mind tells us to place that little white stick directly in our mouths! Under hypnosis we are able to change the way the mind thinks and thousands of people are now leading healthier lives, saving money and have a brighter future because of this.

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